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How Big Data helps you learn English

Pabit provides rich English content, braking them down into the most frequently used patterns.


Movie/Drama Sentences


Video Clips

What Pabit can help

Learn, Memorize, Search, and Share!

Pabit is a Big Data based app that helps you learn and memorize English patterns better by providing you with versatile practice tools.

Why Pabit?

Don’t stop at learning it, make it yours.

Systematic Memorization System

Pabit app: Leitner Memorization system

Big Data : Live patterns

Patterns extracted from entertainment (Movies, TV drama series, Youtube)

Chatbot & Search Engine

Leading tools provided for users: practical application

Find any patterns with Pabit Search Engine.

Search Engine

Our Story

Use Big Data tech for better English training

Pabit started its journey from its original content channel “Joseph Big Pattern English” on Youtube. Now our team is pushing the service beyond just videos, developing Pabit into a versatile training tool for everyone in the world.


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